How to Add Pains to a Visit

  1. 1.Touch the “Add Pains” button to move to the pain entry screen.

  2. 2.Drag and drop a pain level indicator on to one of the green rectangles.

  3. 3.Select the type of pain from the table that appears on the right hand side.  You should also specify the frequency and duration of the pain.

  4. 4.Use the control at the top of the screen to show the side view.

  5. 5.Touch “Pain Notes” to enter notes on pains.  The notes are general, not specific to any one pain.

  6. 6.Exit by using the “Back” button or swiping from the right hand side to move to the Posture Screen.

Steps for Adding Pains

General Discussion

Add pains to the visit as documentation and for use by the expert system.  The expert system uses the pains as contra-indications for some ecises.  The expert system only uses the presence of the pain, the level, duration etc. is not considered by the expert system

Green rectangles on the Pain Entry screen indicate where pains may be placed.  Each rectangle defines the types of pains appropriate for that area of the body.  Multiple pains may be placed in the same rectangle.

Pains may be edited at any time.

Start tutorial playing here.