How to add a Visit

  1. 1.Touch the “Set Visit Title”.  Choose a title from the standard list or enter one of your own.

  2. 2.Take pictures as desired.  See Taking Pictures Tutorial for details.  Once you have pictures you can touch the “Open Image Analysis” button to make posture measurements.  Remember this is optional and there to help you explain to your client more about their posture.

  3. 3.Touch “Add Pains” to open the screen for documenting pains.  Unlike the desktop version this screen will always be modifiable even after the visit is saved.

  4. 4.Touch the “Enter Posture” to access the sticky. See Entering Posture Tutorial. Once the posture has been entered you can use the Build Menubutton access the expert system and the full menu building system.

  5. 5.When you have finished creating/modifying the visit use the “Review Visit” button to review the visit menus with your client.  See Review Visit screen.

Steps for Visit Add

General Discussion

You are in control of how a visit is entered.  Visits are saved automatically throughout the entry process.  No action is required on your part.  The various buttons on this screen provide access to all of the data entry and publishing options for a visit.  Remember the steps outlined below are a suggestion, not a requirement.

You will be able to move between the Pains, Posture and Builder screens without returning to this screen, but the back button will return you to this screen from any of those.

This screen also provides access to the “Review Visit” screen.  That screen allows you to review the menu and any notes you created for the visit.