How to Compare Visit Images

  1. 1.Touch “Images” on the Client List table client entry.

  2. 2.Touch images to be compared, a second touch will deselect the image.

  3. 3.Touch “Compare Images

  4. 4.Use the slider to move between images.

  5. 5.Adjust the image by touching it in the display list at the bottom.

  6. 6.Use “Save Overlays” to update the displayed image on the comparison screen.

Steps for Comparison.

General Discussion

Image comparison provides a means to see the changes between visits.

An arbitrary number of images can be sued to visualize the changes.  These images may be chosen from any of the clients visits. 

Once chosen the images can be altered (scaled, rotated, moved) as necessary, those these changes are not preserved.

Images may also have standard overlays added to them, which are preserved on the  iPad.

Start tutorial playing here.