How to Enter Posture

  1. 1.Select the sticky to work with by swiping up from the sticky.  ePete starts with the front sticky ready to go.

  2. 2.Optionally swipe the image to use as a guide into the working area.

  3. 3.Adjust the background image using two finger gestures, pinch to scale, twist to rotate and two finger drag to move.

  4. 4.Adjust the limbs of the sticky by touching the limb handle and then dragging it.  The limb will not start to move until your finger is far enough away that you can see the handle.

  5. 5.Repeat the process with the other two stickies.

Steps for Posture Entry

General Discussion

Posture is entered by adjusting the limbs of a stick figure (affectionately known as Sticky).  Client images may be placed beneath the stick figure to aid in entering the posture.  You are cautioned not to try to make the angles of the stick figure exactly match the photo. 

Images are moved into the sticky area by swiping from the image to ward the stick figure. 

You may change which stick figure (Front,Side top) is being used by swiping from the desired figure to the main area.

A long touch on a joint surrounded by ( ) will break the joint allowing you adjust the individual limbs.  A second Long touch will rejoin the limbs.

Each sticky may be individually reset to initial conditions.

Start tutorial playing here.