Your First Login

  1. 1.First select what type of user you are.  There are only two types of users, Egoscue Franchised Clinic or ePete Subscriber.

  2. 2.Enter your username and password.  We suggest that you use the “Remember”  switches so that you won’t need to enter these credentials again. 

  3. 3.Touch “Login Now” your username and password will be verified by the server.  Once they have been verified you will receive a message starting with “Thank you for verifying your...”

  4. 4.Touch the “Update All Information”.  Wait until the upload/download status says “Transfer Complete”.  This will take a minimum of 3 minutes and may be much longer depending on the number of clients you have entered into the desktop system.



If a login is required ePete will open to the login screen.  You must login every two days. The login screen is also used to move information between your iPad and the Egoscue servers.

Start tutorial playing here.