How to make Angle Measurements

Horizontal and Vertical Angles measures may be made in two ways:

  1. 1.Touch two spots on the image and a vertical or horizontal tool will appear.

  2. 2.Drag A tool from the pallet to the image.

Arbitrary Angles and Circle Annotations must be dragged from the pallet.

To adjust the angles drag the handles.  Remember you must move a little ways away before the handle will start moving.

To adjust the Circle annotation touch and drag in the center to move it, touch the edge to change the size.

Steps for Angle Meas.

General Discussion

Angle measurements are provided for you to help you client understand their posture.

There are three basic measurement tools:

  1. 1.Angle from vertical

  2. 2.Angle from horizontal

  3. 3.Arbitrary angle.

There is also a simple annotation tool which allows you to draw a circle over an area of interest.

Measurements are not saved on the server only on you iPad. 

Start tutorial playing here.