Entering Pains

Return to Visit Control screen

Select Front&Back or

Side View

Drag and drop Pain icons

Green rectangles indicate areas where pains can be added.  Each area defines a set of appropriate pains for the area.

Touch to enter pain specific notes for the visit.

Entered notes appear here.  This is a read only area, editing is done by touching the “Pain Notes” button..

Edit pain level for selected pain.

Edit pain duration for selected pain.

Edit pain frequency for selected pain.

Table shows all possible pains for this area.  You can change the pain type using this table by touching the desired pain.

Swipe from right edge will move directly to Posture Screen.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.Illustration is of the wrong sex.
    This happens when the the client’s sex has not been set.  In general it is not a problem as the pains are not sex specific.

  2. 2.Can’t find the pain I want.
    Each area has a generic pain which may be used. We suggest that you document unusual specific pains in the PainNotes section.