Schedule a Visit

  1. 1.From the Client List touch Visits for the client.

  2. 2.Touch “Add Appt to Schedule”

  3. 3.Enter desired date and time.  ePete will check for conflicts and warn you if any are present.

  4. 4.Enter any details into the screen that appears.  This screen is the same as the details for any iPad Calendar appt.

You may also entered an appt. by touching a suggested appt. in the Schedule window.

Appts. may be edited by touching Re-Schedule.

Steps for Appt. Creation

General Discussion

ePete schedules interact with the iPad calendar app.  You must create the appt. in ePete.  Once the appt. is created it will appear in both ePete and you ipad calendar.  Appts can be edited in either epete or the calendar application.

ePete may also suggest dates for appointments.  At this time they are space 1 week apart.  Creating those appointments can be done with a single touch within epete.

Start tutorial playing here.