Compute statistics based on current database. 

Compute averages, etc. based on current database.

This could take sometime. 

This is the therapist which logged in to the iPad last.. 

This is the owner of the epete account.  When there are multiple users the owner and the therapist are potentially different.

ID numbers are used in the internal database.  If a problem arises with the epete account you may be asked for this number 

Avg. Visits/Client is a good measure of how well you are doing retaining clients. 

Avg. Time Between visits is a good measure of how well you are maintaining your relationship with the clients. 

Standard data is provided by Egoscue and does not change often.   Except for Shorthands which you may  create, edit or delete.

Client data is entered by you.  If you had an existing account before transitioning to the iPad up to 100 clients were transferred to the iPad.